The Christian Man’s Motto

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Today, many people – even in Christian circles – discourage manliness. However, the Bible shows us that Christian manliness is a central part of God’s design. Those we often look up to in Christian history, such as Paul, Peter, Hudson Taylor, C. T. Studd, D. L. Moody, and others, were manly Christian men. There is no shame whatsoever in being a man. I have written the following motto for myself and my sons, but you may find it useful as well.

I am a Man

I am Holy

                Because Jesus died and rose to forgive my sins and make me into His image

                I will obey Him, love Him, and keep myself pure for Him

I am Strong

                Through Jesus Christ who strengthens me, made by God to be the strength of others

                I will help the weak, defend the oppressed, sustain the feeble, and resist wrong

I am a Warrior

                Fighting the spiritual and physical battles for right against wrong

                I will resist the devil, defend my family, and prepare my mind and my body for victorious conflict

I am an Adventurer

                Seeking to explore and experience the fullness of God’s creation

                I will train my body for exertion and seek to go where others have not been

I am a Leader

                Leading others by example, humbling myself to seek their best, because I serve Jesus

                I will make the Word of God my guide, getting my orders from my commander

I am a Messenger

                Telling all others about my Lord and what He has done for me

                I will be a witness, bearing the gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere

I am Courageous

                Fear will not keep me from doing what is right, and death is neither failure nor defeat

                I will press on through difficultly, stand alone for right, and face suffering with a smile

I am a Lover

                My wife knows the love of Jesus, and my family knows God’s fatherly love through me

                I will demonstrate divine love daily, sacrificing my desires for those I love

I am a Man

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