Authority for Baptism: Who May Baptize?

Reading Time: 8 minutesAuthority for Baptism: Who May Baptize? What does not give authority: Any form of Ecclesiastical Authority By “Ecclesiastical Authority” I refer to the concept of church authority as expressed through its designated officer(s) owning some greater level of right to perform certain functions. Typically, in an evangelical church, that officer is the ordained pastor. In this […]

Book Review: Hastening & Rebirth

Reading Time: 3 minutesHave you wondered what it would be like if a small group of people decided to pursue complete fulfillment of the Great Commission? What would it look like practically? What kind of soul-winning methods would be employed? What barriers would have to be overcome? What kind of people would carry out the mission? This tandem, […]

The Role of Church in Disciple-Making

Reading Time: 4 minutesIntroduction Many disciple-making strategies exist in contemporary evangelicalism: Home Bible studies, small/cell group meetings, one-on-one coffee shop meetings, and myriad other possibilities. All these methods have their various strengths and weaknesses – but they all also have one thing in common – they do not work as a long-term strategy unless they are connected to the concept of a local church. The […]

Excellent Resources on Missions/Discipleship

Reading Time: 1 minuteAny-3 This book gives a very simple, reproducible gospel presentation that can be used in rapidly spreading movements of Christianity. T4T The title means “Training for Trainers,” and describes a practical approach to establishing a Church Planting Movement among even restricted access nations. Hastening & Rebirth This tandem by Steve Smith (author of T4T) presents […]