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Last year we joined the ministry of the Final Frontiers Foundation as part-time representatives. That means we present the ministries of Final Frontiers to local churches and any other groups that are interested in being part of the work that is happening around the world.

So what is Final Frontiers?

Final Frontiers is a Mission Organization that focuses on the following aspects of ministry:

  1. Sponsoring national church planters
  2. Sponsoring future national church planters (Timothy Project)
  3. Sponsoring national-led feeding ministries to impoverished children (Touch-A-Life & Daily Bread)
  4. Sponsoring expeditions to the world’s least reached people groups
  5. Leading “Visionary Trips” that immerse people in a ministry atmosphere overseas
  6. Providing Bibles to people across countries where the Bible is difficult and/or illegal to obtain

Why National Church Planters Instead of American Missionaries?

Many reasons, such as:

  • Stewardship: American missionaries have to raise between $3,000 and $9,000 per month in support. For the same amount of money, you could support 120 national church planters on average.
  • Effectiveness: The typical American missionary needs several years of language school and never overcomes certain cultural barriers. 43% never finish deputation and 75% do not stay for a full term. Few will plant more than 1 church. By contrast, the average church planter we support starts 56 churches, has no cultural barriers between them and the people, and serve longer. If statistics hold true, using the same amount of money, sponsoring national church planters is over 5000 times more effective.
  • Accountability: Every one of our supported national church planters has started at least 2 churches and reports to us, their personal sponsor, and other locals in ministry. Nationals can be just as trustworthy as Americans, if we are all accountable.
  • The Great Commission: Jesus intended His disciples to finish the Great Commission by getting the gospel to every people group and starting churches. The Great Commission is not finished with a people group until they, too, are working to fulfill it.

I have personal experience working with national church planters. In fact, while in Bible college, I had the privilege to do my internship for a full Summer under the leadership of a national church planter. My experience opened my eyes to just how effective these men are – over the course of 10 weeks, we participated in planting 2 churches, held a regional Bible conference, and taught a dozen church leaders. All this while living in extreme third world conditions – even spending several days out in the rural farm collecting food. To my national church planting friend (who has planted more than 30 village churches), this was just life as usual.


How Can I Find Out More?

You can visit the website at, or get in touch with me – we would be glad to come to your church and present the ministry of Final Frontiers in detail.

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